Hidden Benefit of a Late Start

I am due to arrive in Santiago on Saturday — a full three days ahead of schedule. I’m eager to get to my destination, but more excited about my early arrival because it means I can spend two nights at Casa do Raposito — a place of reflection for pilgrims who have just finished their Camino.

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  1. Wendy says:

    I’m still with you Becky!!!Thanks for including me in your journey. I pulled up to church today to deliver some books and unexpectedly met up with an old friend who happened to be going into the church to say a prayer. Please pray for her…she has cancer. We went our separate ways, but found each other again in town and walked together and talked for awhile.I love when God puts people in my path….as with you! God bless. Love you, AW

    1. Indeed. I will send some prayers her way. Walking with someone – literally and figuratively – there’s something about that….

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