I prefer talking  as opposed to writing long emails, so email me with a way to get in touch with you (a phone number, Skype name, WhatsApp, etc.) and I’d be delighted to answer questions, listen, give my two cents, etc.

rebecca (dot) gallo (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. JoAnn Rowley says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Love your itinerary….it’s nice to have so many friends and family to visit. That makes things so much sweeter and more fun! I’ll be looking forward to receiving all your latest adventures. Thanks for taking me along!!

  2. Shannon Payne says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I loved the tribute you posted for Barbara Winter. In 2007, I attended her seminar in Marlboro, MA. It gave me the courage to quit my job and start my “joyfully jobless journey.” I’ve worked for myself ever since. I look forward to reading your blog. I’m a New England transplant, but grew up in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and will be able to relate to your NC adventures. Thanks for posting them!

    1. Congratulations on “breaking free” Shannon. You grew up in a beautiful part of the country – I’m surely enjoying it and happy to share my experiences:)

  3. Hi Dear Rebecca,
    As I read some of your blogs, I felt as though I were in a commune in the 6o’s. I just passed a name that made me stop and smile. It was that wonderful, saintly, woman, Joanne Rowley…..Now I know Joanne from her children attending St. Pete’s . I wish I could gather all the greats I knew from there and squeeze all of them with my giant arms…and just hug, hug, hug….So many kind, sweet , gentle people………and “MY” kids….oh, how I loved my kids…..not everyone, of course………there sure were a few dooseys…even they were cute.!!!!!
    And,so , my dear girl….continue on your super journey..with lots of love fro old,, old beat up …Me

  4. mary grace hamme says:

    Hope all is well Rebecca! Catching up on your blog and am happy to see that you are doing what you want to enjoying yourself! I am in limbo now waiting to hear from graduate schools and thinking of other options in case that doesnt happen. I really do look forward to trying somethign new and maybe doing a work exchange… have any suggestions on how to start my research?

    1. Oh yes! Work exchange – awesome! Check out the book Delaying the Real World. I hate the title, but it does have good info for people in your age range that want to take some time to do something other than sit in a cubicle. With regards to the title, it makes me think of when people at the Folk School would ask me, “So what do you do in your real life?” My answer: This is my real life!

      If you specifically want to do some farming as your work exchange, check out (Worldwide Organization of Organic Farms.) And don’t forget about for places to stay along the way.

      Do call me if you need other advice, tips, etc. Whether or not grad school works out, I HIGHLY recommend doing something other than school for a spell. You’ll never regret it.

  5. Rémy says:

    Hola Rebecca!
    I’ve just begin to read your blog. I like much the title “renaissanceRebecca”. I like the idea to take a sabbatical and I am sure it will be a good thing for you in your future.
    About me, I am 61 old and I have plenty of time because I am retired. I think about the best ways to be useful to the others. I have begin to teach the french language at immigrants living in my town. More, I’d like put a lot of myself into a movement working for a better world.
    “buen camino! Soon in Santiago!”

    1. Wonderful to hear from you my Camino friend! I was happy to hear of you teaching your language to immigrants to your country. That is hard work, and is priceless to the people you help. You are already on your way to making the world better. Thank you for making my Camino memorable by joining me on so much of the journey. I will surely let you know when I reach Santiago!

  6. Caroline Bataille says:

    Hello Rebecca, je viens de découvrir ton blog en te cherchant sur facebook. Si tu le souhaites, tu peux me rejoindre sur facebook à Caroline Bataille. A bientôt de tes nouvelles. Bises amicales d’une pèlerine en route avec toi vers Compostelle

  7. Lisa Harrison says:

    Hi Rebecca, I’ve just run across your blog and you can imagine my surprise to see that you were from Buncombe County and are moving to Spain. We moved to Asheville in October of 2020 after we sold our home in Cary in preparation for our move to Spain. We originally planned to go in 2022, but recently decided why wait? I just started printing out all the NLV information when I remembered seeing your blog. I had all kinds of questions and your blog answered every single one of them. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile all that information. Where are you planning to live in Spain? I’d love to hear how things are going in Spain.

    Safe travels!


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