The Way: The Movie vs. The Pilgrimage

When a friend e-mailed me last September to tell me a movie was coming out about the Camino I was a little alarmed — would the Camino become overrun with Americans? I liked that most of the people I told about the Camino back in the United States had never heard of it. It felt like I’d discovered something. As a former teacher, I enjoyed telling people about the history of the pilgrimage trail and the details of my upcoming trip. I was looking forward to meeting pilgrims from all over the world — not a bunch of Americans who had come on a whim after seeing a movie.

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  1. Ann Osisek says:

    Rebecca…I have really enjoyed reading all of the postings from your big adventure…what an experience! Stay safe, I’m thinking about you & perhaps we will meet up again at the Folk School!

  2. Would love to see you again sometime Anne. Will be in Orlando in October for a wedding – perhaps we can get together then!

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