Where in the World Is . . .

“Where are you living these days?” a friend asked.

“Well, what’s your definition of ‘live’?”

Most of my stuff is in a 5 x 5 storage unit Michael and I share in Asheville, North Carolina. Though my stuff sleeps there, I don’t. The last few nights I’ve been in Schroon Lake. And the majority of last month I was in Poughkeepsie—where the rest of my ‘stuff’ resides.

“I can’t keep track of you,” friends say. Neither can I, sometimes.

So for those of you wondering about my next steps, here you go:

Michael on the desk of Chalet Edelweiss
Michael on the desk of Chalet Edelweiss
  • Sunday morning: I depart for the Collegeville Institute for a week-long all-expense-paid writing workshop with Asheville native Lauren Winner. For those of you that have been waiting for the book about my first Camino, this is the kick-off to my summer goal of finishing the darn thing. (But don’t get too excited, because the next step requires lots and lots of editing!)
  • July 4: I return to Schroon Lake for two weeks, during which time I will finally try to comprehend Michael’s love of opera by attending two with him, thanks to the Seagle Colony’s summer productions of the Barber of Seville and Falstaff.
  • July 16: We’re finally returning to Asheville! For a little while, at least. We’ll begin by attending the wedding of Mike (one of my first Asheville friends)and Ashley–who have graciously allowed us to come despite the fact that I never received an invitation–because I’m not easy to track down via U.S. mail (or so they say).
  • End of August: I’ll return to NY to meet my friend Lois and depart on September 2 for the Camino de Santiago — Part Deux. Michael has not yet confirmed where he will reside during this time.
35L pack for a 10 week trip
  • November 11 — Lois and I return from our European adventure.
  • Mid-November — Michael and I head to California to spend Thanksgiving with his family.
  • Mid-December — We return to NY for Christmas, much to my father’s delight if you recall this post.
  • Post-Christmas — Who knows? Hopefully we will by the time the end of the year arrives!

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  1. Bissy. Bizzy Becky..have a ball. Oh how I envy your sciddaddling all over creation…….I wish I may
    I wish I might
    Have Beckys


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