Best Yet

Is it too early in my trek to say that this is, hands down, the best experience of my life so far?  It’s only Day 3 of walking The Camino, but if I had to end it tomorrow I’d still say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Think about this:

  • Every day I meet people from all over the world who want to share their time, there insights, and their stories with me.
  • I am carrying on my back all I need to live for the next six weeks.  (Yes, the pack is entirely too heavy at 22 pounds, but that’s a whole other story.)
  • I’m surrounded by people who are sharing the same experience but for all different reasons – providing an endless source of interesting conversations.
  • I am walking in nature every day for miles and miles.  It’s not only good exercise, but also meditative.  And, I come up with some of my best blog ideas when walking alone on a wooded path.  (I keep a small notebook in the pocket of my convertible hiking pants to jot down said thoughts.)
  • I can take each day as it comes.  There are no definitive plans other than to follow the trail.  Somedays I end of walking farther than I imagined.  No matter – I’ll always find a place to lay my head and food to fill my belly.  (The latter is sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes cooking with others at the hostel.)
  • I get to do this over and over for forty days – how blessed am I?!

I fully realize that what I’m doing would not be everyone’s idea of the best thing ever, but let me tell you this: if you get to have just one experience in your life where every day, at some point, you find yourself with tears in your eyes because you’re so happy to be where you are right now, oh how lucky you are.

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  1. Russell Baskett says:

    How wonderful this sounds. Thanks for writing about your experiences. It makes me want to do this walk.

    1. Russ – you would love it. I´m surprised by how many of us came here alone to do this walk. There’s something to that. Do look into it. Would love to have someone I know walk it!

  2. Barbara Winter says:

    I was thinking of you yesterday when I heard an interview on NPR with an author who had walked The Camino. He met two pilgrims from Japan and eventually went to Japan and did another walk there. I believe there was a third one, as well somewhere else. I believe his book is simply called Pilgrimage.

    1. Thanks Barbara. There is a group in America called Friends of the Camino. Someone I met here has been to one of their conferences and there was a speaker there telling about the Camino´s in Japan. Will have to look into that. Were I to do another one, the next on my list would be from LePuy, France to St. Jean Pied-de-Port. I´ve met many French and German folks who started their pilgrimage there…. Will add that book to my list!

  3. Andy Parker says:

    I love this sentence the most: “if you get to have just one experience in your life where every day, at some point, you find yourself with tears in your eyes because you’re so happy to be where you are right now, oh how lucky you are.”

    That is perhaps the secret of life, to be completely content where you are, right now, wherever that “where” is. One of the keys to that, is another thing you pointed out, remembering to “take each day as it comes.” Everything on your best yet list, is something that can be sustained on life’s camino. This list is in a way, a list of what we need for the journey.

    1. Thank you Andy. Indeed I feel like I want to make a list of lessons learned on the Camino and hang it on my wall so I don’t forget them…

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