Camino: By The Numbers

78:   Age of the oldest pilgrim I’ve met (from France, walking with his daughter – they do two weeks of the Camino each year.  Have also met a 73 year-old South Korean woman travelling alone, a 74 year-old Italian man with his son, and an American who will turn 70 on Sunday and is doing with Camino with four friends in honor of the occasion)

15:   Age of the youngest pilgrim I’ve met (from Australia, travelling with her mother.  Trying to figure out where to go next with her studies – she’s unschooled so she gets to choose.  She’s thinking of a perfumerie course.)

480: Total miles of the Camino Frances (the route I’m on)

12:   Number of other routes to Santiago listed in my guidebook (from Portugal, Spain, France, and beyond)

441: Number of miles I’ve walked so far.

34:   Number of days I’ve spent walking.

20:   Highest number of miles I’ve walked in one day.

3:   Lowest number of miles I’ve walked in one day (due to an allergic reaction for which I had to walk to the next town to see a doctor.  By the time my appointment was over, it was too late and too hot to walk on…my body’s way of saying “take a rest day.”)

37:  Highest temperature in which I’ve walked (in Celsius – that’s 98 degrees Fahrenheit)

0:   Number of blisters so far

4:   Number of “hot spots” I’ve had on my feet.  Thankfully, I covered them with moleskin and none have developed into blisters.

3:   Number of other ailments I’ve had.  (A tight Achilles/bone spur on Day 3 – it hurt to touch my left foot to the ground let alone walk; an allergic reaction resulting in itchy bumps all over my upper body; a tight piriformis that found me sitting in the middle of the path to Leonnearly every half hour in an attempt to stretch it into submission.)

22:   Weight (in pounds) of my pack when they weighed it upon my arrival at JFK.  According to the rule I read, I should weigh 220 pounds if I am carrying that much….I weigh almost half that.  Oops.

9:  Number of things I left at hostels along the way to make my pack lighter.(I have not weighed my bag since…will see what it is when I get to the airport!)

6:  Number of continents from which other pilgrims have come.

19: Number of countries from which I’ve met pilgrims.

13: Number of US States from which I’ve met pilgrims.

32: Number of American pilgrims I’ve met.

0:   Number of regrets I have about taking this journey:)

8 Comments Add yours

  1. farchambault says:

    Great reading about your walk. Love to hear what you got out of it.

  2. Pat says:

    Oh, my, Rebecca…I loved reading about the numbers! I can’t believe you’re almost done…I’ve enjoyed reading your entries…Thank you.

  3. chesney says:

    Awesome journal entry. Xoxo

  4. Pat Filley says:

    I so appreciate how your mind works. It has not been about just counting down the miles, but about the broad array of experiences both of nature and of people. Much of what I, and maybe others, would not think worth commenting about. You are so inspiring and able to shine a bright light on the experience of life at it’s fullest. So young, but your legacy is already living beyond you. God’s love and peace, arrive safely at your every destination. Hope to see you in NY soon.

  5. Rémy says:

    And how many tortillas did you eat? Ha!Ha!Ha!

  6. Percentage of humor: 100%

  7. Loving the figures. I met a peregrino aged 13 with her mother. Youngest pilgrim walking solo: 16.

    1. Solo at 16? The sixteen year old I met wanted to walk on her own, but her family said someone had to go with her so she was with her grandmother.

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