No Goals

The best goal is no goal.    When I first read the title of Leo’s blog post that day, I was shocked.  No goals?  I got through my last semester of working by setting goals as prescribed by Leo’s very own book!  And now he was telling us to ditch them entirely?  I read the post and thought “Well, I’m glad that works for him, but I couldn’t do it.”  How do you accomplish anything without goals?  But the idea stuck around and simmered in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I had a day to do whatever I pleased while my friend was at work.  I at first starting going through all the things I should do.  Sights I should see.  Places I should go.  And then  I remembered the blog post I’d read a few days earlier about a guy who tried the no-goals thing for 100 days.  So I tried it.  Just for a day.  And it was splendid. I accomplished all sorts of things, and thoroughly enjoyed my day.  If you’re saying, “Oh – but you don’t have kids or a job or (fill-in-the-blank)” then read Leo’s post.  Then read about him.  He’s got six kids.  And a couple businesses.  Just let the thought simmer for a bit:)

After going goal-less, the day got even better.  The friend with whom I was staying came home from work and said, “I was thinking we could cook together tonight.”  Music to my ears.  Cooking!  I get to cook!   The shopping, chopping, simmering, stirring and – of course – the eating.   And to get to do it with someone else – what could be better?  It will never cease to amaze me: how when you put something out there, you get just what it is you need.

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  1. Linda Mastro says:

    No goals? I love the idea of it and the possibility it opens for reducing guilt and the “should-ness” of life. Thanks for opening my mind to this new practice.

  2. jenn b says:

    I’d like to know who does the laundry, cooking and cleaning for the family… I think this is an area where flexibility and moderation are what works. One shouldn’t be too rigid nor too pliable… you’d go crazy trying to keep things fully controlled or run out of clean underwear because who’d ever feel passionate about sorting laundry?
    but still, most of us are the former, making the latter a fun exercise. Good post!!

  3. Wendy says:

    Goal-less-ness….who needs underwear anyway? Maybe I’ll try it this week.
    Enjoyed your writing Becky!

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