No Goals

The best goal is no goal.    When I first read the title of Leo’s blog post that day, I was shocked.  No goals?  I got through my last semester of working by setting goals as prescribed by Leo’s very own book!  And now he was telling us to ditch them entirely?  I read the post and thought “Well, I’m glad that works for him, but I couldn’t do it.”  How do you accomplish anything without goals?  But the idea stuck around and simmered in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I had a day to do whatever I pleased while my friend was at work.  I at first starting going through all the things I should do.  Sights I should see.  Places I should go.  And then  I remembered the blog post I’d read a few days earlier about a guy who tried the no-goals thing for 100 days.  So I tried it.  Just for a day.  And it was splendid. I accomplished all sorts of things, and thoroughly enjoyed my day.  If you’re saying, “Oh – but you don’t have kids or a job or (fill-in-the-blank)” then read Leo’s post.  Then read about him.  He’s got six kids.  And a couple businesses.  Just let the thought simmer for a bit:)

After going goal-less, the day got even better.  The friend with whom I was staying came home from work and said, “I was thinking we could cook together tonight.”  Music to my ears.  Cooking!  I get to cook!   The shopping, chopping, simmering, stirring and – of course – the eating.   And to get to do it with someone else – what could be better?  It will never cease to amaze me: how when you put something out there, you get just what it is you need.