Beginning at the End

At the end of every week at the Folk School, everyone gathers in the Community Room of the Keith House to display their finished works and admire the works of others.   It’s quite impressive what people can accomplish in just one week of class.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday:

The ART Doll: From Concept to Completion

Doll making class with Lillian Alberti – a fellow New Yorker instructing here for the first time.  (As usual with most first-timers, she loves the place.)











"A Book Banquet"

Paper Arts class with Suzanne Hall and Barbara Bussolari – who told me everyone in the class were absolute beginners – which happens a lot here.








"Mountain Dulcimer Building"

Dulcimers with John Huron – this class made these beautiful instruments this week.  Rumor has it that half of them don’t know how to play them:)








"Realistic Animals - Carver's Choice"

Woodcarving with Leah Goddard – the gentleman who did this was from California and at the Folk School for the first time along with his wife and two grandchildren (ages 18 and 20).  The four of them do a trip together every year – Costa Rica, Ireland, and this year: JCCFS:)

Note the “Periodic Table of Contra” behind this little guy.  There’s contradancing in the Community Room once a week, so one day I may actually know what that table means…

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  1. Dora says:

    Wow. These pictures make me think that this is quite the kooky place – and I mean that as a compliment.

    1. It’s quite an unusual place – in a good way:)

  2. Glenda Beall says:

    Rebecca, It sounds like you had a great welcome to JCCFS and are enjoying getting acclimated to the school as a staff person.
    I’ll call soon. This week is full with something every day.
    Love your posts about your trip. Great stories.

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