Arrival – A Wonderful Welcome

The only person in the building when I arrived was my Senior Host, Cory Marie Podielski and she did a wonderful job welcoming me to my home for the next four months.

A Colorful Welcome

I had happy flashbacks of my days as a Resident Assistant when I saw how she decorated my door.








Mug, Bag, and Nametag

In my adorable room I found a mug and bag both with the Folk School emblem.  And most importantly, my nametag.  Everyone at the JCCFS has one – students are one color, instructors another, and the staff has the ones you see here.  Here I am – on staff at this place I love so much in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.



A Brain of Soap

And then there was this – a gift from Cory that combines 1) my interest in handmade, all-natural products 2) my former life as anatomy instructor and 3) my new life as arts and crafts student. This, my dear friends, is a brain made of soap – which Cory made herself here at JCCFS:)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Leslie says:

    Love the brain soap! Clever!

  2. Barbara Winter says:

    Thank you so much for blogging about this adventure. I’m loving your stories and wait eagerly for the next installment.

    1. I’m having so much fun – and am happy other people are enjoying hearing about it:) Thanks!

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