The Eharmony Experiment

NB?  What does that stand for, I thought to myself as I perused my latest eharmony “match.”  Did they seriously try to set me up with someone from New Brunswick?  As is Canada? As in north of Maine?! Yes, they did.  It’s a “flex match” they tell me.  Yes, I’d have to be quite flexible to date a guy living in New Brunswick.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’d like to meet someone.  But I’d like to actually meet them.  As in take a short drive and actually see them face-to-face.  That doesn’t happen so easily with a guy who lives in NEW BRUNSWICK!  Did I mention the previous match was from Idaho?  C’mon eharmony.  Yes, I paid only $20 a month for three months.  And yes, there weren’t too many choices close to home.  So yes, I told you I’d take guys 200 miles away.  But that’s as far as I’m going.  There are millions of people in NYC – there’s bound to be someone there for me.  Apparently not, they tell me.  I have yet to get a single match from any of the five boroughs.

To their credit, I have been sent plenty of matches.  According to eharmony, I have a high liklihood of hitting it off with men who have children and like to ride bikes (dirt, motor, apparently I like them all).  You might be saying, “Wait – can’t you specify that you want a guy without children?”  You’d think, but no.  You can specify you don’t want kids.  You can also specify that you don’t want a guy who wants kids.  You can also say you don’t want a guy who has kids living full-time at home.  But this is America.  Most divorced men who have children don’t have them living at home full-time.  So who do I get?  Men who don’t want kids because they already have them.

So though I haven’t been too successful at finding a date, I am getting some good laughs paging through the potentials.

It’s only been two weeks.  I’ll keep plugging along and keep you all posted;)

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  1. Glenda Beall says:

    Go for the New Brunswick guy. I went to New Brunswick in September and I loved the area I saw. Very nice and friendly people. Even other Canadians talk about the friendly people in New Brunswich and Nova Scotia. It it wasn’t so far from my family, I’d move there. You know I love NC, but the coast line of both the provinces takes my breath.
    Eharmony must cover the globe. Can you specify the area or at least the country you prefer?
    Love this post.

  2. Hi Glenda – Maybe this is God sending me a message: You say you want to travel? And you want to meet your future husband? Here, two birds, one stone.

    No, it doesn’t seem that you can specify the country – just a distance. But then they’ll go beyond that with these “flex matches.” Eh, with their record for successful matches, maybe I should take their advice: kids, motorcycles, AND Canada. I would like to see Nova Scotia. And PEI. Why not New Brunswick?

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