The Eharmony Experiment

NB?  What does that stand for, I thought to myself as I perused my latest eharmony “match.”  Did they seriously try to set me up with someone from New Brunswick?  As is Canada? As in north of Maine?! Yes, they did.  It’s a “flex match” they tell me.  Yes, I’d have to be quite flexible to date a guy living in New Brunswick.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’d like to meet someone.  But I’d like to actually meet them.  As in take a short drive and actually see them face-to-face.  That doesn’t happen so easily with a guy who lives in NEW BRUNSWICK!  Did I mention the previous match was from Idaho?  C’mon eharmony.  Yes, I paid only $20 a month for three months.  And yes, there weren’t too many choices close to home.  So yes, I told you I’d take guys 200 miles away.  But that’s as far as I’m going.  There are millions of people in NYC – there’s bound to be someone there for me.  Apparently not, they tell me.  I have yet to get a single match from any of the five boroughs.

To their credit, I have been sent plenty of matches.  According to eharmony, I have a high liklihood of hitting it off with men who have children and like to ride bikes (dirt, motor, apparently I like them all).  You might be saying, “Wait – can’t you specify that you want a guy without children?”  You’d think, but no.  You can specify you don’t want kids.  You can also specify that you don’t want a guy who wants kids.  You can also say you don’t want a guy who has kids living full-time at home.  But this is America.  Most divorced men who have children don’t have them living at home full-time.  So who do I get?  Men who don’t want kids because they already have them.

So though I haven’t been too successful at finding a date, I am getting some good laughs paging through the potentials.

It’s only been two weeks.  I’ll keep plugging along and keep you all posted;)