Farm Prep

So tomorrow I’m off to the Sisters Hill Farm to volunteer for a week.  I knew this was a little out of my element when I applied, which is one of the things that attracted me to it.  But I was reminded how far out of my element I am when I got an e-mail two weeks ago that said this:

“…am going to suggest the following might be good to add to your farm work clothes- depending on the weather and your past experience, rain boots, rain “poncho”, sun hat, sun screen, sunglasses, work gloves, water bottle, swimsuit(there is a pool nearby)…”

Here’s the problem: 1) I don’t really have “farm clothes.”  I’m hoping gym shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers qualify.  2) I don’t own rain boots…or a poncho…or work gloves…or a sun hat.  My plan is to raid mom and dad’s house for these items.  Most people would go buy them, but in my family we head to mom and dad’s first.  3) The only sunglasses I own slide right down my nose as soon as I lean over to do anything – and I imagine working on a farm requires a lot of leaning over to do things.  Not sure how I’ll fix that one yet. But will hopefully have it figured out in the next 24 hours….

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