A Day Trip

Not to brag. . . but yes, I’m going to brag:

Michael and I and a friend are considering taking a road trip to Barcelona on Sunday.

How amazing is it that I can even say that? A day trip! To a major European destination!

It would be a long day trip. It’s a three hour drive from our current hometown of Valencia, Spain.

But we’re Americans. A three hour drive? That’s nothing. Michael and I drove twelve hours between Poughkeepsie and Asheville just last month. And then back!

And. . . how incredible is it that we can “consider” such a thing? That we can decide tomorrow if we want to go or not?

I know some of you are thinking, “Why consider? Just go!”

Well, this wasn’t my idea.

Michael cooked this up. And I, his wife of four years, well, you know. Sometimes you have to compromise.

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