Third Time’s A Charm?

I’ve decided I need to add more reading to my Spanish studies.

There’s a used bookstore one block from my house and Michael and I have purchased a few children’s books.

But I’ve always been frugal.

And a minimalist.

So no, I don’t want to own tons of children’s books in Spanish.

The solution?

The library.

So last week, I took a 20 minute walk in the ninety degree heat. There may be one closer to me, but if so, I’m unable to locate it.

Besides, this library is an oasis. And not just because it has air conditioning.

Originally built as a hospital in the 1490s, only the portal of that building remains due to a fire in 1547. So the current structure is “new” by European standards. The building served as a hospital until 1960 and the citizens saved it from demolition in 1963.

Since 1979, it has served as a library for the citizens of this city–of which I am now one.

And so it was I made my way to the information desk to inquire about a library card.

I was given a form to fill out and told I’d need proof of residency–my lease or our empadronamiento (an official government document listing our address here in Valencia).

So I took the form home, grabbed a copy of our lease, and went back to the library yesterday to get my card.

But, as we’ve experienced more than once here in Spain, requirements depend on what day it is and who you talk to.

And also your level of Spanish comprehension.

Apparently, I missed that I needed to bring a copy of my lease. The Spanish government is not going paperless anytime soon. “Puedo hacer una copia aquí?” I asked. Nope. No copy machines in this library.

Y necesitas uno fotografía pequeño de tuyo.” A small picture of myself. The guy last week never mentioned a photo. Or, more likely, he did and I just misunderstood.

So today I’ll return to the library.

Or maybe tomorrow.

Or next week.

I live in Spain. I’m losing the need for anything to happen too quickly.

Or maybe I was always this way. And now I just found a country that agrees with me.

Purple arrow shows the information desk. 

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