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  1. ouidanielle says:

    Oy! You poked a hornet’s nest on
    Busted Halo. I enjoyed your post though.

  2. sandyman9 says:

    Rebecca I’ve enjoyed reading your trip. Tell you a little of mine. I was drawn by a desire to be baptized ; saw the great value of confession. In 2000 when I started to go to Church regularly there was a desire for communion , to take communion.
    People , I knew , had big problems and, were quite willing to lead others down paths of same. ‘Luckily’ for me I was able to not engage with the terrible headlines that were beginning to emerge.As time went on , so much of it handled in the way of an unseemly politician. Didn’t join for the politics and accept that I’m not in a position to change them. Doesn’t make sense to me to not allow communion to a divorced woman that wants to bring her children to Mass.As a matter of fact it was reading the late Cardinal Remini that brought me to see that bit. Women being able to again attain the Diaconate or Priests with a choice to marry being two ideas I would vote for .I’m for civil unions for those attracted to the same sex ; nothing more. However, no ones asking me.
    None of it has come between me and the strength I receive.
    I’d prefer not to hear messages come Presidential election time that compare our President to the enemy ; during the sermon.
    Theres so much more . My experience’s living ‘in sin’ and living in different quarters ‘iin sin’ ; with Zen (still sit) , with having Last Rights nearly 2 years ago and a flood of prayer given hence ; on and on.
    Good luck on your yellow brick road . One suggested book for you. C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.
    L, Sandy

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