The Things I Never Dreamed Of

When I took my first writing class at the John C. Campbell Folk School, I never had the intention of becoming a published writer.  I just wanted to write down some of my family stories.  And take a week doing so at a beautiful place in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Four years later I find myself accomplishing something I would have never predicted.  I have not only been published, but will actually get paid for things I’ve written.  I’d heard the stories of all the rejection letters one receives prior to first publication.  In February, my first writing teacher Glenda Beall helped me to get up the courage to submit my first piece. A few months letter, I got my first rejection letter.

“While you’re waiting to hear back, submit something else,” Glenda had told me.  “That way you’re always hopeful that maybe the next one will be accepted.” That was great advice.  So I submitted another piece.  That was accepted “space permitting” so I’m not sure yet if it will be published.

In the meantime, I wrote to a web site about an article I read on their site.  In the response I received, I was asked my writing background and if I’d be interested in writing something for the site.  Could this be happening?  Was I actually being solicted to write something? Indeed I was.  And today you can read that article by clicking here.

In the meantime a friend put me in touch with a web site she had written for.  “I think they’d be interested in having you blog from the Camino.”  Indeed they were.  You can find my posts for them here.

I’ve often said I think it silly to ask me where I expect to be in five years.  I always say I have no idea – because there are so many experiences out there, I’ll probably be doing something I never dreamed of.  And so it is with writing.  Five years ago I never would have predicted I’d have a blog and be a published writer.  But here I am.  Isn’t life grand?

11 thoughts on “The Things I Never Dreamed Of

  1. Found your blog through Busted Halo – you share two common interests – walking the Camino and John Campbell Folk School!! Just visited there this past couple of weeks (as a day visit) – hope to go back as a student soon!

  2. I am so proud of you, miss published writer! It takes courage to send out that first story or poem, but once you get your feet wet, the water is not so cold. Getting the first rejection letter under your belt is good, too.
    I have enjoyed all of your posts while you walked the Camino and the article on how to travel even if you don’t have lots of money is fabulous. I learned quite a bit there. Keep on writing, Rebecca. You have so much to say.

    • Hi Joan –
      Just got a chance to check out Thanks for sending that along! I love the connections we’re able to make when we put our ideas out to the universe. Glenda is a great resource for where to publish, among other things:)

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