Off Track

I was plugging along…writing three pages when I woke up, meditating, then taking off for a walk.  Then I started pushing off my walk til the afternoon.  Then, I got sick.  I had barely enough energy to walk downstairs, let alone walk four or five or six miles each day.  I was on a role for so long, and then suddenly off track.

So I’m feeling better.  But don’t want to overdo it too soon and get sick again.  So any prayers and well wishes for getting back into my routine would be appreciated.  And if you’re in the Hyde Park, NY area and want to go for a walk, let me know!

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  1. Linda Garrity says:

    Sounds like the flu…’ll stop you dead in your tracks. Sending good wishes that this is all it is-give yourself a bit of time to rest and recup, and I’m sure within a few days you’ll be back on track.
    My friend just had a hysterectomy; although she is 56, she has never been overnight in a hospital or had any kind of surgery since the day she was born. She is instructed to take six weeks off from her exercise routine, but is encouraged to walk, so I took the time to go with her. I think we walked about two miles one week after her operation; she did fine, but I was quite crippled for two days! So enjoy your youthful body and all that it can still do…..
    Hope you feel better soon……

    1. Hi Linda –
      Luckily, it’s not the flu. No aches, no fever, and I’m feeling much better with each passing day! In fact, I walked 7.5 miles today!

      So nice of you to go walking with your friend. It’s much easier to do with someone else than alone! I know your pain after-the-fact, though.

      I will indeed enjoy my youth and its benefits;) Thanks for reminding me to do that.

  2. Russell Baskett says:

    I won’t be in Hyde Park, but you will be in my thoughts. As we Quakers sometimes say–“I’ll hold you in the Light.” My friend Angela is about two weeks in to her walk on Del Camino (is that the correct name?) and is loving it. However, she did nothing to get in shape and now wishes she had been more disciplined.


    1. Thanks for being with me “in spirit” Russ:)

      Love that your friend is doing the Camino right now! Would love to talk to her when she gets back if you’d like to put us in touch.

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