Will I Ever Be Too Old?

When talking with my grandmother this morning about my trip to Italy she said, “I’d love to go, but you know I can’t.  I’m too scared.  At this age, you never know what can happen.”  I had to laugh.  “You never know what could happen at any age!” I said.

To her credit, she’s 87.  She went to Italy with us five years ago – and did perfectly fine I might add.  She’s not your typical 87 year old grandmother.  If I had half her energy, my the things I could do!

But she got me to wondering – will I ever reach an age where fear will stop me?  (I can see one friend saying, “Fear might not, but your knees – they will.”)

I have this thought that I won’t ever get to 87.  Don’t ask me why.  I just have a feeling.  And if you know me, you know I go with those.  I’m not being morbid here.  Well, I guess I am.  But I have news for you: we’re all going to die.  Could be today, could be when we’re 87.  So kindly get out there and do those things you’ve been dreaming of.  Need some inspiration?  I love doing this exercise: Sit down at a table and imagine your 87-year-old self telling you what to do.  Mine says, “Get the hell out there.  Go have fun, dammit.”  Yes, she curses a lot.  But she’s right on, every time.

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  1. Linda Mastro says:

    My 87-year-old self says, “Find that young Rebecca and hang out with her as much as you can!” You will be 67 then…mark your calendar and I will find you 🙂

  2. Glenda says:

    Speaking as one who understands getting older, our minds still want to do what you are doing, and want to do everything just as we did when our bodies were strong and healthy, but reality is I can’t sign on for a tour that requires lots of walking, or being closed in groups with people wearing scented products. None of us want to leave our carefully protected space to go where we have no control and could end up ill far away from home. Illness in an 87 year old is a bit different from illness of a young person.
    And, dear girl, you see travel and adventure with a completely different perspective than your 87 year old grandmother. As we age, our adventures often become smaller, our trips closer home.

  3. Jenn from Galloway, NJ says:

    I have a variation of this conversation with my patients often… usually, i’m coaching them into trying a favorite sport or hobby again, but in light of a recent surgery or change in function. There is usually some level of grief for the fact that things are “different” and then we get on with deciding if it was the activity that brought them joy, or just simply the mastery of it. I find it telling that some people would rather NOT participate, if they can’t be “good.”

    That said, at 87, i hope that you, me and Tara are whooping it up somewhere, preferably with all of our limbs and senses intact, but having one hell of a good time, no matter what!

  4. Jack C says:

    Hmmm. I never wanted to grow up wrinkled…but it’s happening! lol

  5. Dawn says:

    Rebecca I love this post! You are so inspirational! You inspired me to finally take the leap and leave a 10 year career that was making me miserable. I will be forever grateful to you for that! My new happy self is much braver and is taking more chances.

    Thank you for sharing all of your amazing adventures with us and for being an inspiration who encourages people to live their dreams!

    Miss you!

    1. Rebecca says:

      I love the braver and stronger Dawn! I gave encouragement, and you took the leap. I’m so proud of you:)

  6. Well said, Rebecca! Count me in on that meetig with 87-year-old Linda and 67-year-old you! Won’t we have fun! I know your trip will be filled with love and adventure, just like you!

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