Changing My Mind – Maybe

“You don’t have to do this,” my heard reminds me.

Really?  I ask, feeling a little lighter.

“Remember who’s in charge of your life?  You can do whatever you want.”

Oh, yeah… I thought. 

So I closed out of the six windows I had opened on my computer in my attempt to figure out where to fly into to start the Camino.  Maybe I don’t want to walk across northern Spain.  Or maybe today just isn’t the day to make the decision. 

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  1. Francois Archambault says:


    I agree it is OK to change your mind. I am curious as to your reasons. No judgement, just interested in how others process their choices for these types of life pursuits. Good luck. To steal a line: Stay hungry, stay foolish.

    1. I’m thinking it was just my frustration at trying to figure out how to get to my starting point. But today I was reviewing old voicemail messages and had one from someone who’s walked the Camino recently, so I’ll call her today and get some help:) If someone could just plop me down at the starting point, I’d have no problem….

      1. Francois Archambault says:

        You already are at the starting point, no?

      2. No…I have to fly in from NY. From what I could tell, I then had to take a train, then a bus to the starting point (St Jean-Pied-de-port). But I spoke with a woman recently who flew to Pamplona, and there’s a woman there who drives people to the starting point (an hour away) for 25 euros, which makes things a whole lot easier:)

  2. farchambault says:

    Sorry for the delay in following up. Although I realize you need to physically arrive in Spain, I did not intend your geographical starting point. Your Camino started the moment you decided to make a pilgrimage. Anyway, hope the plans are unfolding well. I signed up for the Flyfishing course at the Folk School next April. Mi Camino sera un poco mojado! Suerte.

    1. Indeed it did. Thanks for the reminder:)

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