A Host Not Like Most?

“So have you made a lot of things so far?” my new co-host asked me. Having taken eight weeks of classes here at the Folk School, one would assume I have a cabinet filled with the fruits of my labors.

“Actually, no,” I said.  “I’ve purposely chosen classes where I don’t make a lot of stuff.  I may hold the record for the Host who produced the least amount while at the Folk School.”

I explained that I’m kind of a minimalist.  It was the first time I’d used that word to describe myself but I felt like it fit perfectly.

  • Scottish Cooking and An Abundance of Appetizers left me with delicious recipes.
  • Nature Writing left me with some blog posts and stories – all stored electronically.  And one hand-made book.
  • My Building A Garden Shed class was tasked with creating a shed for the Folk School – nothing for me to take home except the knowledge that I’m not cut out to be a builder.
  • From my Genealogy class, I gained a destination for my trip to Italy in March: Corigliano.  It is in that class that I learned the name of the town my great-grandmother came from.  I now own a copy of the ship manifest that shows her arrival in the port of New York on the Perugia on June 7, 1913.
  • I have an eight-ounce cup full of Glass Beads, most of which I’ll donate to Beads of Courage.
  • I made five hooks, two bottle openers, and a fork in my Blacksmithing class – all useful things either for myself or as gifts.

In fact, everything I’ve made can fit into my purse.  Which fits my minimalist lifestyle just fine:)

A couple cookbooks, a handmade book, some beads, a ship manifest, a genealogy guide, assorted blacksmithed items

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  1. Ann Osisek says:

    Rebecca, Glad that you’re doing well & having fun at the folk school; I was pleased to see the genealogy guide & copy of the census in your photo.
    Thinking of you…
    Ann O.

  2. Jane Kirsch says:

    And….you have your digital photos and blog posts to help you recreate the memories after you move on – good simple living! It’s not the stuff, it’s the experiences…

    1. Exactly:) Like I say to my organizing clients: You don’t necessarily need the stuff to keep the memory.

  3. Barbara Mortimer says:

    Rebecca…..you may not have acquired loads of possessions during your stay at the folk school, but you have in your possession a wealth of friendships and experiences!
    It is a pleasure to know you and to learn the art of tailoring down to make room for what is meaningful in life. It is all about the process!
    Be well. Barb Mortimer

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