Polymer Clay Basketry

On Thursday, I went into the lower level of Keith House (the main building on campus) to check out Karen Woods’  Polymer Clay Basketry class.

This was the goal of the class: to make a paper basket with polymer clay strips woven in.
But before they even got to the baskets, they learned a little about polymer clay, and then wanted to learn a lot more about it. So the teacher said, "Sure!" and they made all sorts of fun things - beads, pendants, bookmarks.


They eventually did get to making baskets - here's one in progress.


The class worked around a large table - here you can see some of them working on their projects.


And a few more finished baskets:)

This weekend I’m taking “Herbs for Health and Happiness.”  Will post some pictures soon:)

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  1. Leslie says:

    I can see how one would be hard pressed to choose a class at the John Campbell Folk School! Lovely wood bowls, fun polymer clay shapes and colors…can’t wait to hear about the herbs for health and happiness!

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