A Home for My Piano

“I’ve been thinking of moving to someplace cheaper,” my friend said.

“Well, my apartment will be available on July 15,” I told her.  She pondered this for a second, then asked the details.  Where was it?  How long would it take to get to the college from there?  How much was the rent?  The answers satisfied her and we decided she’d come see it that afternoon.

It wasn’t my job to find a new tenant for my apartment.  I’d decided to give it up completely and had told my landlord so.  But hey – if I could help him out by referring a reliable person to him, why not?

She liked the place.  Sitting on my couch she asked, “How’s the management company?”

“Management company!” I laughed.  “The guy who owns the deli downstairs is your landlord.  He’s a very good friend of the family.  You can just turn in your rent check at the deli.”  That sealed it.  Not having to deal with a management company?  She was in.  I gave her the landlord’s number so she could work out the details.

The next day she texted me to say the deal was sealed.  Half-jokingly I asked, “Are you interested in house-sitting a piano for a year?”

“Seriously?  That would be awesome!” she responded.  Turns out she used to play and would love to get back into it. And just like that my worries over what to do with my piano are gone.  It’s staying right where it is.  And it will probably get more use in the coming year than it did in the last five.

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