Adelaide + Me = 90,000 miles

I pulled into the gas station and paused to make heads or tails of the place.  There must have been twenty different pumps and cars going every which way.  I drove slowly though the maze.  A woman rolled down her window as our cars approached one another.  “Oh dear,” I thought.  “Am I going the wrong way?  She’s probably going to yell at me.”  I’m from New York.  This is my default thought when someone rolls down their window while looking at you.

As she drove by, she gave me a big smile and said, “Nice car!”  I smiled back.  “Thanks!” I said.

This happens a lot.  People love my car.  And feel the need to tell me so.  I drive a Beetle convertible.  And when the top is down, I am no longer an anonymous driver behind closed windows.  I’m out there for everyone to see.  And therefore for everyone to talk to.

Now that I think about it, a convertible is probably the ideal car for me.  When I put the top down, my mood immediately improves.  Here’s why:

1 –  I love teaching and public speaking, which means I love being on stage in any situation.  Who knew I could be the center of attention just by driving down the road?

2 – I love meeting new people – with the top down, wherever I pull in, it’s an automatic conversation starter.

3 – If I’m putting my top down that also means it’s warm outside.  And anyone who knows me knows I’m a much happier person when it’s warm outside.

4 – I’m a multi-tasker.  Thanks to Adelaide, I can tan and drive at the same time.  Prior to owning a convertible, I was a lovely shade of white most of the year.  Sitting outside in direct sunlight is not my favorite activity.  It’s hot.  And boring.  But in a convertible, the sun can do it’s thing to my skin while I only feel the wind.  Three hours later, boom.  I have a tan.  Or a burn if I forget to put on sunscreen.

Yesterday, not too long after I crossed from Maryland into Pennsylvania, my odometer hit 90,000 miles.  This is not like a traditional birthday where you say, “And here’s to another 90,000!”  No, I won’t be with her that much longer for sure.  We’ve surely had our ups and downs.  So much so that I won’t be buying another VW, but that’s another story.

But for those who see all the different jobs I’ve had, and all the different places I’ve lived and think that perhaps I can’t commit to anything, you’re wrong for a lot of reasons.  Here’s one: I’ve been with the same car for four years:)


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