To Rest, To Enjoy

“Hey – why not just enjoy your apartment for a while?”  God said.  Hmph.  Imagine that, I thought.  Over the last few months, I have taken time nearly every day to work on paring down my “stuff” in preparation for my year of travels.  I’ve cleaned out files and closets and kitchen cabinets getting rid of those things I rarely use or don’t need.  But lately, I’ve lost my momentum.

After beating myself up for a few days, I said to God, “So what’s the deal with me losing my motivation?”  Like all good teachers, he answered my question with another question.  Didn’t tell me what to do, just led me to a solution I hadn’t considered.

So I’m just going to enjoy my little place for a few weeks.  Read in bed.  People watch out my windows.  Do whatever I feel like doing – especially if that means doing nothing at all:)

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