On Leaving Jobs

“I hate my job,” she said.

“So quit,” I said.

“People would think it’s ridiculous to leave a job in this economy,” she said.

“Um…you realize you’re talking to someone who does things other people think are ridiculous all the time, right?”

“Yeah,” she laughed.  “But if I quit, I’d lose my retirement benefits.  Maybe I’ll just put 10 years in so I at least get part of them.”

“How much longer is that?”

“Four more years.” She laughs.

Mind you this is an educated woman with many skills and a great social network.  She could do whatever she sets her mind to.  She has enough money socked away to live for at least a year.  And that’s not counting her retirement funds.  There are people with less that have done it.  She could do this.  So why doesn’t she?  Well, I can only speculate.  In my experience, it’s a little scary to leave a job without a new one on the horizon.  But now that I’ve done it so many times, I have faith that it will all work out.  Because it always does.

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