Why no Winter Blues?

I find it fascinating that God sends the same messages to me over and over again – because they’re that good, and worth being reminded of.  I’m also impressed with his ability to send messages to me in so many forms – in the words of others, in the words of a song, in a conversation I overhear while standing in line at the coffee shop.  This time his words came through a friend.  And though he was talking about himself, I notice the same thing in my life.  “It seems if I let one thing slip, then everything else starts falling apart, too,” he said.

I think it important to find and know the things that “keep you going.”  I’ve written here before about what some of those things are for me.  But here’s the thing: Most of those things that keep me going have fallen by the wayside in the last couple months.  Surprisingly, though, I’m not on the floor in a fetal position crying my eyes out (which has definitely happened before).  In fact, I’m quite enjoying the few weeks I have “off” between semesters. And find it odd that I’m not falling apart at the moment.  Not that I’m complaining.  But it prompts me to wonder what it is that is keeping me up?  Is it the 29 Gifts? Is it the free feeling I’m getting by getting rid of so much of my “stuff”? Is it that I’m just so very much looking forward to moving to NC in July? Or to my Caribbean trip in two weeks?

There is something to be said for finding out the “secret formula” that makes you feel good about how you’re living your life.  The catch?  The formula for a happy life is different for every one of us.  Some of us never find out what the formula is.  Some of us never even try.

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