29 Gifts – Day 2

I woke up happy today.  This hasn’t happened in quite a while – usually I want to go back into my dreams.  But today I woke up happy.

Or maybe I didn’t wake up happy, but became so when – in my groggy state –  I glanced at my phone on my nightstand to see what time it was.  Since my new fancy phone now has e-mail on it, I checked my e-mail, too.  (Ugh.  I can’t believe I’m one of those people who checks e-mail from my bed now.)  I couldn’t believe the number of new messages.  And guess who they were from?  Other people on the 29 Gifts web site.  Genuine e-mail from real people who wrote something from their hearts.  What a fabulous thing to wake up to.

So I’m off to start my day.  On a happy note.  Oh what a welcome feeling that is.


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  1. Darcie Whelan Kortan says:

    Hey Rebecca,
    I just want to say how I’m enjoying your blog and writing! And thanks for letting me know about 29 Gifts. I am going to get the ebook. count this knowledge as a gift you gave me today!

    hope you’re having fun!
    love darcie

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