Butterfly Tomatoes

After exchanging pleasantries with the farmer from whom I buy my produce at the Saturday Farmer’s Market I said, “Show me something I’ve never heard of before.”  He hesitated for a moment.  I went on.  “Every time I come here, you have something I’ve never seen.  Last time I was here, I got kohlrabi from you.”  “That was a long time ago!” he said.  “I know – I’ve been away all summer,” I explained.

“Well, have you ever seen a butterfly tomato?” he asked.  “No! What’s that?”  “Well, it’s right here.”  And believe it or not, it’s just like it sounds.  Imagine a butterfly.  Make it all red.  Plump it up and you’ve got the picture.  He had quite a few of them.  He thought they were quite ugly what with all their cracks, but he wanted to show them to people so he put them out.

I bought my produce and then asked, “So are you selling those butterfly tomatoes?  Or are they just to look at?”  “Oh, we’re selling them!” he told me.  “In fact, here you go.  You can just have one.”  “Really?” I asked.  “Sure,” he said.  “Let me know what you think.”

Well, I tried it this afternoon.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture for you before I chopped that lovely thing and cooked it up with onions, garlic, red wine, home-dried basil, and other deliciousness.  It was good but I will admit it wasn’t the best tomato I ever had.  However, as with most things I get at the Farmer’s Market it was better than anything you’d ever get in the supermarket.

You know what I love about farmers?  They like what they do.  I like people that like what they do.  Add to that the fact that he’s nice, makes small talk with me, knows his stuff and loves sharing all he knows with his customers.  And he grows beautiful flowers he sells for just 35 cents each (see pic).  And every once in a while, he gives me something for free:)

Fresh Flowers - just $1.75!

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