The Two Thousand Dollar Question

On explaining to a friend that one of my girlfriends just spent two thousand dollars to hire a matchmaker, he said, “If she’s wants to invest two thousand dollars in order to find a guy to marry, that’s not how she should spend it.”  He continued, explaining what he thought she should use that money for instead.

“And what about me?” I asked.  “If I was going to invest two thousand dollars in order to find myself a guy to marry, how should I spend it?”  He put his face in his hands, covering his eyes and said slowly, “This is a very dangerous question to answer.”  We both laughed.  “I know.  But I want your answer.  I promise not to hold it against you,” I assured him.

I could see the wheels turning.  He couldn’t look me in the eye.  “Massage?” he offered.  I smiled.  I appear stressed to many people, so his answer wasn’t out of the blue.  “Ok.  I’ll take it.  But there’s something else you’re not telling me.”  “No,” he assured me.  “I’m just trying to think of an answer.”

It is an interesting question though.  Specifically for us single, thirty-something women.  Our generation has probably spent more money on meeting people than any other before us.  But there’s still no guarantee.  My friend who hired the matchmaker?  She found the perfect guy.  It was her first match.  I have three other close friends who met their husbands on-line.  I’ve tried that and (obviously) wasn’t as successful.  Would I be so lucky with a matchmaker?  And is it really just luck?  Or is there some science to finding the perfect “match”?

I’ve decided I would definitely spend $2000 on a matchmaker.  For a full year, you get a guaranteed date at least once a month with someone who matches your wants and interests.  That’s twelve dates.  I don’t think I’ve had three so far this year and it’s already August.

So why haven’t I hired a matchmaker yet?  There isn’t one in my area.  The closest matchmakers are in NYC.  So the next question is: do I want to spend that money to meet a man who lives two hours away in a city I’ve never really liked?  But would I like the city much more if I saw it through the eyes of someone who lived there?  Someone who loved living there?  Might I meet someone who’s ready to move back to suburbia?  There’s only one way to find out.  But I’m just not sure I’m ready for that yet…

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