The Pursuit of Happiness

A speaker I went to hear last night said it seems we forgot about our right to pursue happiness.  That, instead, we’ve replaced it with the right to pursue materialistic things.

I see his point.  People think the accumulation of more or bigger “stuff” leads to “happiness.”  So we’re a society with lots of stuff.  But not a lot of happy people.

Which is why I love helping people clean out their “stuff.”  It makes them happy.  It releases tension.  It gives them space – both in their homes and in their heads – that they haven’t had in a long time.

So consider this an invitation to face that junk drawer, that hall closet, that garage shelf.   And if you need some help, I’m available.  I love organizing so much I travel the country doing it.  I’ll be in the Providence, Rhode Island area in August.  If you want to me to plan a trip to your area, visit (a web site in progress) and let me know:)

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