A Vision

I stood at the top of the stairs at a local cafe admiring a piece of artwork hanging on the wall.  I heard someone coming up the stairs.  He got to the landing below me and as he turned to come up, I stepped back to let him by.  But he looked at me and stopped.  There was the briefest pause as he held my gaze, then he stammered and finally said, “You. Are. A. Vision.  That dress…it’s…”  The guy was literally speechless.  I laughed and thanked him. As he walked by, he said something about being “ruined” for the rest of the day.

The guy was in his late 60s, and the dress was nothing revealing.  It’s red and white, though, and I happen to know I look fabulous in red.  You know how you have one thing in your closet that no matter how crappy you feel or think you look, if you put that on you look like a million bucks?  If you don’t have one of those in your closet, go out and find one.  I have a couple.  The dress I wore yesterday was one of them.  And to make it even better, I bought the dress at a consignment shop, so not only do I look fabulous in it but I paid hardly anything for it and it’s recycled.

But my whole point with writing this is that that guy made my day.  A “vision”?  He called me a “vision”?!  That’s a first.  I’ll take it.  The guy literally was at a loss for words – this never happens to me.  The whole incident reminded me of reading once that you should give three compliments every day.  I try to do that.  But after the high this one gave me, I’ll be sure to do it more often.

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