Spiritual Spa Day – Part 2

I’m a believer that if something works for you, then do it.  If walking across hot coals makes your sciatica disappear, then fire up the grill.  If a two hundred pound man walking on your back somehow improves your digestion, then go for it.  So when the third presenter at my Spiritual Spa Day brought out her Reflexology map, she certainly had my attention.

In case you don’t know, Reflexology is basically the idea that all parts of your body are somehow linked to a certain area of your foot.  For example, if you’re having trouble with your breathing, there’s a specific place on your foot that can be massaged to help with that.  I know this made sound a little crazy to some of you, but don’t knock it til you try it.  I didn’t, though I wish I had.  You see, the morning of our day was spent with the presenters.  The afternoon was for us to choose: massage, reflexology, spiritual direction, the labyrinth, or nothing at all.  Since I tend to be such a planner, I decided I wouldn’t plan my afternoon.  My goal was to just relax and do whatever came to me.  So I brought some books and a crochet project.  I had some spiritual direction, then went out to walk the labyrinth on the property, and returned to my favorite spot: A recliner in front of a window looking out on the Hudson.  There I started a new baby blanket.  I had a splendid afternoon.

When we gathered at 3:30 for the conclusion, the leaders asked for feedback.  We had no shortage of it.  What did people love the most?  Trying something new – something they never would have necessarily done in another setting.  “They offer reflexology at my nail salon,” said one woman, “but I’d never have tried it if I didn’t come here, and I love it!”  “I think I’m addicted to it,” added another.  The same sentiment was expressed about the body movement activities I wrote about yesterday.  We offered ideas for other Spa Days – we wanted more information about the labyrinth, maybe a presenter and guidance in meditation.  The leaders took it all in and then thanked us for taking the time for ourselves today.  We talked about how important it is to care for yourself in this way.  And I very much look forward to doing it again.  And maybe try some reflexology next time.

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