A random, bizarre thought

A most  bizarre thing happened this morning.  I was standing in front of my full length mirror in my underwear and thought I looked good enough to pull off a bikini this summer.  This is bizarre because I have never in my life had this thought.

The closest I’ve come to wearing anything that looked like underwear in public is a tankini – one that completely covers everything a regular one-piece does anyway.  I’m not sure that I will become the owner of a bikini this summer (the word on my lips even feels foreign), but the thought crossed my mind for the first time ever, which is momentous in and of itself.

Do not be envious that I have this thought.  Be happy that there stands a woman who actually thinks positively enough of herself that she thinks she could pull this off.

Now I know there are millions of women who have what it takes to pull off a bikini each and every year – some have the body, some the confidence, some both.  But I can’t say, in my thirty-three years on the planet, I’ve ever been one of them.  I’m not taking action on the feeling anytime soon.  I’m just going to sit with it for a bit; try it on if you will.  And wonder where on earth such a thought came from.

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