Ten Other Lives

On Saturday, there was an exercise in my Simple Abundance book that asked me to list 10 other lives I’d like to lead.  As you can imagine, I didn’t have much trouble with this.  I come up with new lives to lead just about every week.  Sometimes more often than that.

But the nice thing about this exercise was that it wasn’t done with the intention to pursue any of these lives.  No, this exercise did not require a commitment like that.  What we had to do next was just list what we liked/admired from those lives.  And then the object is to bring some of those things into your life.  Nice thought, no?  Here’s what I wrote:

  1. World Traveler – simple living! few “things” are necessary – meet people, find space for self
  2. Writer – all days are open, not so much in the way of “must be here at this time”
  3. Dancer – expressive, freedom in your art and expressing it, feel the music and go with what your body tells you to do.
  4. Organizer – scale down, simple living, work with others to help them declutter lives and then heads as well:)
  5. Companion to an elderly woman – helping, laughing, gleaning wisdom, traveling
  6. Snowbird – living in warm places Jan-March (April?)
  7. Community Service Trip Leader – organize trips for people (teens) to come together and help others – possibly in another country
  8. Dream Fulfiller – people come to me with their dream and I help brainstorm with them how they could fulfill them.
  9. Jewelry designer – make things people like, turn nothing into something
  10. Donation Distributor – take things people no longer need that are still good and find people/places that need them.

So here’s the thing…a few of these things I already do or have done…and do you see the theme?

Seriously – try this.  It’s fun.  Would love to hear what your ten are:)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Glenda Beall says:

    I’d like to be the elderly woman with whom you travel, Rebecca. You are such fun and smart, too.

    1. Whenever you’re ready Glenda!

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