On Waiting

I’m not very good at waiting.  I’m an action kind of person.  If I walk into a store and the lines are super long, I’ll walk out and come by some other time.  I’m also not good at waiting to make decisions.  When I need to decide on something, I want to weigh all the options and then take action.  However, I’ve learned lately that if it’s something that doesn’t require immediate action, waiting is sometimes the way to go. Often because things tend to just work themselves out.

A while back I mentioned that NY State recently started requiring continuing education credits in order for physical therapists to renew their licenses.  As a non-practicing PT, I was saying that though I think the requirement is a good thing, I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the money going to courses to earn those credits just to maintain a license I may never use again – and have only used one year in the last ten.

Well, here’s a little update for you.  And a lesson in things working out with a little waiting.

When the issue first came up, I didn’t debate it too long as I have three years in which to get these credits and thought eventually I would get my answer.  My first answer came in the form of a web site.  I can’t recall how I found it or if someone passed it along to me.  Basically, you go on-line and read some material.  Then, you take a test, and if you pass you get a credit.  And it’s FREE.  They have ones you can pay for as well, but every month they post a few more free ones.  I figured I was all set.

Then, I read the continuing education requirement in a little more detail.  Turns out if you teach a PT-related course at the college level, it counts.  But it didn’t say which courses counted.  So I called New York State and asked.  Turns out I can get all my continuing ed credits for the teaching I’m already doing.  So not only do I get paid to teach, but I earn my continuing education credits without spending another dime.

So I didn’t have to decide if I’d pay for continuing education credits to keep my license.  With a little waiting, the decision was made for me.  So if you’re trying to make a big decision, ask yourself if it can wait.  Give it some time…and it just might resolve itself.

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