Following Your Heart: Not Always So Easy

As much as I advocate for following your heart, I can’t say that it’s always easy.  In fact, it’s usually harder.  But in my experience, it’s always worth it.

For example, I have chosen a lifestyle in which there is no steady paycheck.  I tried the 9-5- get-paid-every-two-weeks thing.  For a myriad of reasons, it doesn’t work for me.

My heart says I’m doing the right thing.  But my mind will creep in occasionally  with thoughts like, “You know, life would be a lot less stressful if you had a steady paycheck.”  To which my heart responds, “Less stressful?  Maybe.  But I’d be miserable!”  I’d have to pick one thing – just one thing – and do it for forty hours?  Then how would I pursue all the other things I want to do?


Sometimes, however, the logical part of my brain sways me and I take on work for the wrong reasons. I have a physical therapy degree I got ten years ago and haven’t used since.  Seven months ago, I decided maybe I should use it.  Well, I should clarify: my mind tried to tell me I should use it.  My heart was in strong disagreement.

My mind said it was a completely logical thing to use the degree for which I had worked so hard.    It also said, “You like working with seniors, you like teaching – you can do both if you work at a hospital or nursing home or rehab center.”  My heart simply said, “You know you won’t like it.”  But I went for the steady paycheck. And just fourteen hours a week so I could still pursue my other interests.

As usual, my heart was right.  I turned in my resignation two weeks ago.  Why?  Well, the simplest reason:  My heart just isn’t in it.  As I mentioned in earlier “follow your heart” posts, the decisions you make with your heart don’t usually have a ton of reasons – you just “know.”

So just realize that listening to your heart isn’t always easy.  And don’t beat yourself up when you go with your mind instead.  Sometimes you need to be reminded that it’s always best to follow your heart.

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