On Living in the Present

As one who is forever letting go of work she is no longer interested in and picking up new pursuits, I find I’m very “forward” thinking – not in the traditional sense, but in the sense that I’m always thinking about what lies in front of me.  What interests will I pursue next?  How can I adjust my schedule so that I can pursue a newfound interest?

Something I struggle with is the ability turn off this forward thinking and look around once in a while to accept and enjoy what is here and where I am in the present.

I believe that there can exist a happy medium – a place where I can both enjoy where I am while also thinking about where I next want to go.  However, I have not yet been able to master living in that space.

But I’m on a new path.  Now that I’ve recognized how stressed I make myself in thinking about the future, I realize the benefits of recognizing and appreciating the present.

And that’s where gratitude comes in.  Because isn’t part of living in the present being grateful for all it is that you have right here, right now?  So here are some things and people for whom I’m grateful:

My family – who seems to be quite accepting of my lifestyle, though I know it took some getting used to

My friends – who pull me “back from the ledge” when I think I’m going to ditch this life and go for the standard 9-5

Anyone I’ve met who is curious about how it is I manage to make a living – I love answering your questions.

I’m also grateful for the local farmer’s market that didn’t exist in this town when I was growing up here.  And for the winter CSA share I’ll be getting.  (Check out localharvest.org to find local food and/or restaurants that serve it near you!)

I’m grateful for the friends I have that come over and eat whatever concoction it is I’ve cooked that night.  As a woman living alone, it’s hard to get motivated to cook for just me, but much easier (and an absolute joy) when friends are coming over.

For my local library – one of the best sources out there for people who are curious about all sorts of things.  And also for that fact that they are on-line – which means as soon as someone recommends a book I should read, I can request it and have it delivered to my local library.

So take some time today and join me in being grateful for the present:)

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  1. Glenda Beall says:

    Yes, I understand that need to stop and appreciate the present while always looking to the future.
    I wrote a poem called “While I waiting, Life happened.”
    As a young person, I constantly looked at the future I planned for myself. But while I was doing that, I missed much I should have been thankful I had right in my grasp.
    But never give up your curiosity to find out what else is out there.

    1. I would love to see your poem, Glenda:)

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