The Things I Don’t Want to Do…

A friend saw the tagline for my blog and said, “Why don’t you shorten it to: one woman’s quest to pursue everything?”

Well, because believe it or not, there are things that actually don’t interest me.  I recall that Barbara Sher’s book Refuse to Choose had an exercise for those of us that felt too overwhelmed by all the things we wanted to do in our lifetimes.  She had us list all the things that we don’t want to do.

As I contemplated my friend’s question, I decided to hunt down the notebook in which I had written that list. Guess what?  There are only five things on it.  And as I recall, it took a while to come up with those.  Four out of five of them are things I’ve already done that I don’t want to do anymore, so do they really count?

So I started to think about it again: what things actually don’t I want to do?  Here’s my list (the first five are my original list):

  1. Travel with a tour group
  2. Travel alone
  3. Work a single full-time job
  4. Live permanently too far from my family
  5. Own a huge house
  6. Scuba Dive
  7. Own a snake or any sort of reptile
  8. Make a movie
  9. Work in a monotonous environment

As I’m trying to come up with this list, I find myself looking around my apartment for inspiration.  I see my candles and think “candle making – sure, I’d like to try that.”  My baby pumpkins: Sure, I’d like to grow those.  My wrought iron candle holders: sure, I’d like to try blacksmithing.

  1. Be any sort of repairman (woman/person) (as I see my TV)
  2. Work in Sales (as my dad calls me on my cell phone and I think how much I’d like an iPhone)

Well, that’s as far as I can get.

What things don’t you want to do?

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  1. Jenna says:

    1. be a pediatric PT (ugh! horror of horrors for me!)
    2. get a doctorate in my chosen field (sorry to those who disagree, but a DPT won’t do a thing for me)
    3. get married again (I have my one and only, love him dearly and have no need to ever get a piece of paper again)
    4. live inland (I need the ocean to breathe, I need salt air to thrive)

    there’s more, of course, but duty calls. (I also don’t want to do diaper duty, but that’s unrealistic!) Much love!

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