The Inspiration

I showed the book to my mother.  She read the front and back covers.  My brother came in.

“What are you looking at?” he asked.

“Someone wrote about all about Becky,” my mother responded.  He took the book and flipped through it.

“You’re right – it IS all about Becky!” he said.

The book in his hand was Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose. For years I wished and hoped that one day I would find the one thing that I would just love doing and want to do for the rest of my life.  But each time I thought I found “it”, I’d enjoy it for a little while, then get bored, and want to move on.  Especially since there were so many other things that interested me.  How could I be expected to pick just one?

Then I happened to be flipping through the channels one day and came upon Barbara Sher on PBS doing a show on her book Refuse to Choose.  She kept talking about me!  How I didn’t want to pick one thing, how so many things interested me.  And she was giving me permission not to pick just one thing forever!!  I went out and bought the book.  And mom was right.  It was like someone wrote a book all out me.  Or at least people like me – there were more of us out there!

But it was Peggy Lobenstine’s Renaissance Soul that really captured the essence of my life in 300 pages.  She gave me a name that truly describes who I am.  I’m not a park ranger, a physical therapist, a math tutor.  I’m a Renaissance Soul! Her book is all about “people with too many passions to pick just one.”

I have found that people are curious about my lifestyle.  My closest friends have all but given up on trying to remember which things I’m pursuing as they change so often.  They now simply start by asking, “so what are you doing these days?”  And they know that the answer will include a few changes since the last time they spoke with me (even if that was just a few weeks ago).

I’m most excited when I meet someone who is also a Renaissance Soul but doesn’t know it yet.  They identify with me and my varied interests, and start asking detailed questions about how one can afford such a lifestyle.  And it is for those people that I started this blog – to let them know that they, too, can do this.  For indeed, they already are.  And here is the inspiration to keep going.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Glenda Beall says:

    How great that you are doing this blog, Rebecca. I love your spirit. Your many passions help to make the delightful person you are. I will link to your blog and I will read it often.

  2. Gay says:

    More power to you. Life is short so pursue your passions while you can.

  3. Really nice blog here. Cheers, Tomasz Haracz.

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