I can write on my walls!

Well, almost.  The paint is still drying.  What once was an (admittedly crazy) idea has now become reality.  My baby sister came over tonight to help me turn an idea into reality.  Soon this blue tape will be replaced by a border and the white will be covered with places to which I want to travel in 2012:)

Future home of a world map and my travel plans

The Map

So if you could write on your walls (and you know from my last post that this is entirely possible), what would you write?  Or draw?  Or brainstorm? Or create?

Well, I want a place to keep track of all the places I want to visit.  And the world is kind of big.  So a notebook just doesn’t cut it.

I took the first step the other night and bought some paint that turns your wall into a dry erase board (how cool is that?!).

As I was fretting over the next step –  moving a piece of furniture that’s currently blocking the wall on which I want to write – my sister Meg was already three steps ahead of me.

“Why not put a map of the world on your wall?” she asked.  Now that was interesting.   I was saying how I didn’t want just a plain white box in the middle of my beige wall.  We brainstormed different border ideas, then she came out with this one.  Hmm…this could work.

“But what if I go outside the white and mistakenly write on the actual wall?”  Meg had a perfectly good answer for this, but I can’t remember it.  She then offered another option: What if you do a white box, but then trace a map of the world in permanent marker on it?  Meg assures me permanent marker can get wiped from a dry erase board with enough elbow grease.  She also has a projector at work that could hook up to my computer to get the image on the wall for me to trace.  And did I mention her friend with an artistic hand?  She offered his services as well.  You want a job done?  You get Meg on it.

“Your assignment” she said to me “is to find an outline of the world that you want to project onto the wall.”  Yes ma’am.  I’m on it.  Turns out it takes all of two seconds to find such an image.  Just type “outline of world” into google images.  Plenty to choose from.  So I’ll e-mail my image off to Meg, my new life manager, and will keep you posted:)

The Writing on the Walls

I’ve had the urge for quite some time to write on my walls.  Literally.  This is a bit unconventional, I know.  And not usually recommended when renting an apartment.

Lucky for me, I’m not the only one who wants to be able to write on my walls and still get a security deposit back.  They make stuff for people like me.  You can literally turn your walls into chalkboards.  And not just black chalkboards – you can make them “garnet” or “periwinkle.”

So as my sister went to pay for her Christmas tree at Home Depot last night, I said, “I’m heading off to the paint section.”  She knew why I was going.  Meg is the sister that doesn’t judge.  Yes, she thinks I’m crazy.  But she gets a kick out of it, so I let her in on my ideas.

I’m not one to pretend I have any clue where to find anything in Home Depot.  I’m a woman.  I have no problem asking for directions.  So I found the guy in charge of the paint section.  “Can I help you find something?” he asked.  “Yeah – I want to be able to write on my walls.  Do you guys have the stuff that turns your walls into chalkboards?”  Guess what?  He knew exactly what I was talking about.  As he led me down the aisle I asked, “Or are there any other options for writing on my walls?”

“Actually,” he said, “there’s also this paint that makes your walls into a dry erase board.”  “No way!” I said.  Maybe he took cues from my sister – he didn’t register any surprise at my excitement.

Now the big question: did I want my wall to become a colored chalkboard or a plain white dry erase board?  Thankfully, Meg has no problem expressing her opinions.  And as I was trying to decide what to get, I overheard her telling the paint guy she was looking for her sister who wanted to write on her walls.  Meg voted for dry erase.  I was leaning that way too.  I teach a few days a week in an old fashioned school that still uses chalkboards and I can’t stand the chalk on my clothes and fingers.

So I am now the proud owner of a can of this stuff.  Meg wants to start painting this weekend.  But I have my final paper for my doctorate course due on Monday.  So yes, we very well might do it this weekend.  If I’m going to procrastinate, I might as well have fun doing it.