A Note of Thanks

I came across a greeting card this morning that made me laugh. The front shows a Mom driving a car with a couple wild kids in the back and says, “Mom, you took us everywhere…” The inside says, “And even brought us back home! Astonishing!” It made me think back to the road trip my family…

Watching the Past Go Up in Flames

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” my friends asked. “I would love to, but I already have plans,” I told them. “I’m going to a ceremonial burning.” Their eyes grew wide with alarm and humor. “Who are you burning?” they asked. Click here to read more

The Power of Wow

It’s a very tiny book. It’s so small, in fact, that twice I went to the library to check it out, twice the library computers said it was there, and twice neither I nor the librarians could find it. ”It’s a small book,” they told me. ”This has happened before…” Click here to read more.